A classroom with a chalkboard and desks

Meet the Teachers of Roberts Academy in Macon, Georgia

Are you ready to meet the teachers of Roberts Academy in Macon, Georgia? If so, keep reading!
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A child practices handwriting with an adult

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Dyslexia

Occupational therapy and dyslexia often go hand-in-hand. This evidence-based practice can help both students and teachers identify challenges in the classroom and develop customized solutions to help the student succeed [...]
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Image of a girl in glasses seated at a desk with books and an apple.

Is Dyslexia Tied to Intelligence? What Parents Need to Know

Parents often wonder if dyslexia is associated with a low IQ. Keep reading to find out
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a caucasian child in a yellow sweater reading a book

FAQ Answered: When Can Dyslexia Be Diagnosed?

When can a child be diagnosed with dyslexia? Keep reading to find out. 
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Joy Wood

Get to Know Joy Wood, the Roberts Academy Head of School

Get to know Joy Wood, the head of school at Roberts Academy at Mercer University.
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Young girl reading a book

A Parent’s Guide to the Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia

Wondering if your child has dyslexia? Keep reading to learn the common signs and symptoms.
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5 Facts You Should Know About Roberts Academy at Mercer University

Roberts Academy at Mercer University is a dyslexia school in Central Georgia. Keep reading to discover 5 more facts about the Academy.
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