Roberts Academy at Mercer University

Enrichment Classes

Supporting the curriculum of the Roberts Academy are unique learning experiences that help students build self-esteem and explore their interests.

Enrichment classes will meet throughout the school year. The offerings will include Library, Art, Music, Physical Education, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Students attending the Academy will also participate in unique learning experiences due to the Academy’s proximity to Mercer’s theatre, concert hall, science and engineering facilities, art studios, and outdoor recreation fields. The unique learning experiences include:

  • Attending choral and instrumental concerts and joining singalongs and art discussions.  
  • Participating in physical activity in sports and athletics.
  • Visiting labs, clinics, classrooms, and maker spaces to experience new equipment, materials, and ideas.   
  • Drawing, printmaking, and creating digital media. 

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Roberts Academy is now accepting applications for enrollment. Classes will begin in August 2024.