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The establishment of the Roberts Academy at Mercer University was made possible through a historic and life-changing gift from philanthropists Hal and Marjorie Roberts.

The Roberts are passionate about supporting children with dyslexia and their families because three of their grandchildren struggled with learning to read. After being diagnosed with dyslexia, the children attended a specialized school for dyslexia in Atlanta where their reading skills quickly improved, and their academic confidence was restored.

“We witnessed first-hand the toll that dyslexia takes on a family, and a child’s self-esteem,” said Hal Roberts. “And then we saw the transformation that takes place in the right learning environment. We know what works for children with dyslexia, and we need to make it accessible for all children.”

Generous gifts from the Roberts family have also created two other specialized dyslexia schools: The Roberts Academy at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, and the Roberts Academy at Vanderbilt University.

“Our connection at the university level is crucial for making a broader impact,” said Roberts. “Higher education drives progress in our country. It is the staging ground for thought leadership and cutting-edge research, and the launching pad for the next generation of thinkers and doers.”

“The Roberts Academy will benefit from being part of Mercer because it will have quick access to top professors, leading research, and state-of-the-art facilities,” said Thomas Koballa, Dean of The Tift College of Education at Mercer. “In turn, the school will help shape the next generation of educators through its presence on campus. Roberts Academy will shine a spotlight on dyslexia, and better prepare our students at Tift to change the lives of children through practicum opportunities and the like.”

The Roberts family with President Underwood

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Roberts Academy is now accepting applications for enrollment. Classes will begin in August 2024.