Roberts Academy at Mercer University

Employment Opportunities

The Roberts Academy will seek a professional community of faculty and staff who possess and exhibit the following traits:
  • They are optimistic and have a passion for the school’s mission.
  • They value innovation and collegiality.
  • They trust each other and genuinely value the opinions of others.
  • They have a growth mindset and are always willing to learn more.
  • They naturally model the optimistic and supportive behaviors they will expect from our students.
  • They understand the complexities of the dyslexic child and continually seek new ways to teach using multi-sensory resources.
  • They are committed to inspiring joy in learning.

All employees will embrace a growth mindset, genuine commitment to students and their learning, honest communication, and a passion for the Roberts Academy mission.

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Roberts Academy is now accepting applications for enrollment. Classes will begin in August 2024.